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Tales of Triumph

If you have a story that you would like to share about the overcoming of despair, please e-mail us at


Ol'Ma is a living testimony to the spirit and resilience of the Liberian People. At 100 years of age, she has survived all Liberian wars, survived being slashed by machete over multiple locations on her body. She is grandmother, great-grandmother, and even great, great grandmother to numerous children who look to her in great admiration.


In early July 2009, a desperately ill 13 year old boy asked Patty Anglin if she could help him. Patty thought Alvin would die and prepared him to meet Jesus. Alvin's dream came true when tireless efforts combined with the partnering of many other individuals and organizations, and most importantly, a wonderful adoptive family, Alvin flew home to America.
Alvin's story is a true testimony of what can happen when the Body of Christ comes together in obedience to the Bible's many commands of caring for the suffering, the needy, and the orphaned. And while Alvin's life has been saved (provided he recovers in America), we are also changed by our obedience. You can read the full story about Alvin at